Lucky Doll Waterproof Eye Liner Review

I purchased this Lucky Doll eye liner as it was suggested to me on my ebay home page. As you can probably tell I only bought it because I thought it looked so damn cute and I couldn’t help myself! Not only does this eyeliner look good on my dressing table but it has become one of my favourite eyeliners too!


What I didn’t notice when purchasing this product is that it is actually a dual pencil and roll up pen eye liner! Yes little things like this really make my day! The eye liner draws on very nicely on my water line and underneath it. It is also durable and doesn’t smudge through the day which I find a problem with even expensive eyeliners.


The liquid eye liner, which screws from the top of the head, is also durable and lasts all day. The tip is also very fine so this makes it very easy to apply if you want more of a subtle look. The only downfall to the liquid eye liner is that it is a wet finish and not matte. I prefer matte for an every day make up look but this is absolutely perfect for a night out, special occasion or when I am just not going for the ‘natural look’.

All in all I think it is a good eye liner- especially for the price! 99p plus free delivery, you can’t go wrong really! I give this an 8 out of 10.


Thank you for reading!



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