Products That I Shall Not Be Repurchasing & Rant!

Hello everyone!

So I have come across a few products which I have tried that have been ‘hyped up’ and have turned out to be completely rubbish! I don’t know about you but it really bugs me when I see people doing false reviews because they are being sponsored to do so, no matter how many followers I get I will still give my honest opinion about a product whether I am being paid or not!

Now that little rant is over I shall begin with the first product.


I have heard so many good things about ORS and the ORS Hair Repair Moisture Cream. The product claims to restore moisture to the hair and scalp and with regular use the hair will feel softer and have a healthier looking shine. In reviews it has been claimed to stimulate hair growth as well.

I can honestly say that both are very un true! This did not help my hair to grow in any way and made no difference to the condition of my hair. The only good thing I have to say about this product is that is does smell divine! That’s about it.


Now the Clean & Clear Advantage Spot Gel I have seen raved about literally everywhere. The product claims to reduce spots in under 4 hours, have immediate action and clears/prevents spots. So many people have claimed that this is a brilliant product, they can’t live without it etc etc.

Well I can tell you that this product had no affect on my skin what so ever. It did not reduce my spots or prevent them from coming back. The smell of this product is absolutely vile and the only good thing that I can say about this product is that it dries clear. You are meant to be able to wear your foundation over it which I tried and the gel went all crusty and made my skin look awful!


Here is another product in which I have tried on my spots, it is called Neautrogena On-The-Spot Acne Treatment. People who I have seen review this product have claimed for it to “miraculously” clear their spots and acne, is easy on the skin and dries clear.

Honestly this couldn’t be any more further from the truth! Not only did it not dry clear and left white patches all over my face but the product crumbled off my skin, didn’t reduce my acne and left my skin so dry for weeks. Even after I stopped using it! I had so many dry patches left on my skin that I had a nightmare to get rid of! 😦


Next up is the Maybelline Rocket Volume Express which has been claimed to lengthen and thicken your eyelashes and also be waterproof. I am usually a big fan of Maybelline products and their mascaras but this one really let me down. It wasn’t lengthening, thickening or waterproof. It also left constant smudges under my eyes that I had to keep correcting throughout the day.


The last product which I won’t be repurchasing is the Rimmel London 100% Waterproof mascara. It was waterproof and didn’t leave smudges under my eyes which is what I was looking for. But it claims to be a build-able lengthening mascara which it was not. It barely lengthened my eyelashes even after using eye lash curlers and not matter how many coats I layered on it did not make the slightest difference to my eyelashes and just made them look horrible.

So that is all of the products which I really regret purchasing so far and will definitely not buy again. Thank you for reading my post and be careful of who you trust on line.

Take care




7 thoughts on “Products That I Shall Not Be Repurchasing & Rant!

  1. Thanks for reviewing the acne products! I’m still suffering from acne so I’m constantly looking for the best options out there. I’ve found that anything with 5% benzoyl peroxide works best for me. Just overnight, I notice that my acne got smaller and less noticeable without over-drying. But 10% benzoyl peroxide is too powerful. Hope this helps you! xx


    1. That’s okay πŸ™‚ I am always trying out new products for my skin so there will be plenty of future reviews, I have used benzoyl peroxide before and it dried out my skin and made it worse. Everyone is different aren’t they but thank you anyway πŸ™‚ xx

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